How To Find Microsoft Office 2013/2010/2007 Product Key After Installation

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When it comes to reinstallation, most software programs need the product key during the installation process. This rule applies to the latest Microsoft Office suite as well. If you have lost the product key of your MS Office suite, the thing to remember here is that you can reinstall the suite only when you find the product key. The fact is that Microsoft office product keys are encoded within the Windows Registry. This means that searching for the product key manually is almost impossible. Even, if you manage to find the product key, you cannot read it, as it will be in encrypted format.

So what is the right method in order to retrieve Office product key? This article lists two efficient way to find the lost product key. Please follow the suggestions and get back you missing product key.

Part 1: How to Find MS Office Product Key from Product Box or Email

Usually, there are two ways to get the Office product key. One is from receipt Email, which you bought the product from Microsoft online store. Or from product box, which you purchased it from a physical store. So search the product key in your mailbox or find the physical box in your house/office. This would be hard because most of us throw them into trash once Office was activated.


Here are some tips to find Office product key.

  • Search it at the place where you put computer related staff, like bookshelf.
  • Search "Office key" in your primary mailbox if you bought it online.
  • Ask your parent or family member if they saw or knew it .
  • Call Microsoft customer support for help.

If you tried all the possible methods to find the key without any luck, then follow the steps in Part 2, which would be the best choice left for you.


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Part 2: How to Find MS Office License Code with UUkeys Product Key Finder

Luckily, UUkeys Product Key Finder will help you find missing product key of Microsoft Office, such that you can opt for the reinstallation without any trouble whatever. This is an efficient application that will help you with finding the product key, CD Key or the serial number of all the software programs that are currently present on your computer. Just with a single click, this application will help you with quick recovery of all product keys for all applications installed on your computer. This application can work on any computer, even if the hardware is crashed. But, how to use this application to find the product key for MS office?


Things that You Need to Prepare:

  • Your computer with Office installed previously
  • Download file of UUkeys Product Key Finder

Tutorial for Finding Microsoft Office Product Key in a Minute

Step 1. Download and Run UUkeys Product Key Finder

The first thing you will have to do is to download UUkeys Product Key Finder and then install the application on your Windows computer. There will be a desktop shortcut on your desktop. You can quickly launch the program from here.

Step 2. Scan All Product Keys on That Computer

To find the product key for MS Office, just click on the "Start Recovery" button, which will enable the application to find the list of product keys for all software programs installed on your computer.

Once, you find the list on your screen, just click on the "Save to file" button that can be found at the bottom of the list. Just save the list to a place that can be easily accessed on your system.

Step 3. Copy and Paste Office Product Key

Once the list is saved, just look for MS Office and take a note of the product key, such that you can use the same when you are prompted to enter the same when you reinstall the MS office. This application can be used for finding product keys for many other software programs like Adobe CS5/CS6, Windows OS, VMWare, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Internet Explorer and Windows as well.

UUkeys Product Key Finder will save you from the huge investment on a new Office Suite, just because you are unable to reinstall it due to the loss of product key. You can try this application for free with its trial version and if you are satisfied with the performance, you can buy it. This application as against other key finder application comes with some excellent features and moreover, there are very good positive reviews for this application.


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