I Forgot My iTunes Backup Password on PC /Mac, How to Recover?

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Using iTunes to backup iOS device is a common practice for most of the users. Forgetting encrypted iTunes backup password can lead to serious problems if you urgently need to restore important data from it. When you are a passionate Apple user, it could be a big mess for you if you can't remember iTunes backup password, which means you are unable to access data in that backup file. You might have tried all the possible passwords but still there's no luck for you. Just like many other Apple users, you probably don't know how to reset your password for iTunes backup but there is actually nothing to worry. You can easily reset the password for iTunes backup with the right tool. No matter it is on Windows PC or Mac computer.

Here are two recommended ways to recover the password of iTunes backup:

Part 1: How to Recover iTunes Backup Password from Your Memory

There are many places we need to set a password for websites, apps or computer. Generally, we don't use a password only in one place. Instead, we tend to use a couple of password combinations for different cases. So when you can't remember the password, the first thing is to try all the passwords you have ever used. The most frequently password combinations being used are:


Most Frequently Used Password Combinations:

  • Birthday
  • admin
  • Name shortcuts plus birthday
  • Special numbers such college id, personal id
  • 123456, asdfg or something like that

If you already tried all the passwords you could think up, then forget about it and follow the next tutorial instead.


windows login screenshot


Part 2: How to Recover iTunes Backup Password with UUKeys iTunes Backup Unlocker

UUkeys iTunes Password Unlocker is a password cracker that can actually help you find the forgotten password of iTunes backup file in a very simple way, which works nicely no matter you could remember a portion of the password or completely forgot. It has 3 powerful data recovery modes that work in different situations. Also, the core of this program was written by assembly language, which makes the program run faster than the others. What's more, the program supports all versions of iTunes and the latest iPhone/iPod/iPad. After regaining the password, you can restore all your contacts, calendars, notes, audios, videos, photos, apps from your computer to any iOS device. This software comes with high recovery speed and it works with multi-core CPU and GPU computers.



Things that You Need to Prepare:

  • iTunes Backup File.
  • A Windows computer with administrator access.
  • Download file of UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker.

Tutorial for Resetting iTunes Backup Password with UUkeys

Below is a step-by-step guide with detailed explanation that will work you through the whole process. In most cases, you will get the password back. The only difference is the time spent on the task. Please read it carefully.

Step 1. Download and Open UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker

You can simply download the software from our official website and install it on your computer. Currently, only Windows version is available. Mac version is under development, please keep updated. Now launch the program from start menu or desktop shortcut.

Step 2. Select Encrypted Backup File

It's high possible that there are more than one backup files stored on the computer. You need to select the right one for unlocking. After you open the program, all iTunes backups are shown on the screen automatically. Select one from the list and click "Next".

If there was no backup file scanned by the program, it is highly possible that iTunes was not installed the program or you didn't backup any iOS device on the computer. So you need to copy an iTunes backup file to this computer and click "Import" button to add it to the program.

Step 3. Choose Right Password Recovery Mode

There are two password recovery modes, also called attach type embedded in this program. The most popular ones are: Brute-force with Mask Attack and Brute-force Attack. If you just completely forgot the password, then you should choose Brute-force Attack as the selected method for password recovery.

Step 4. Attack Settings for iTunes Password Recovery

If you still remember some part of the password, then Brute-force with Mask Attack is the best choice. In there, you can set a mask, which includes the character you are sure in that password, such as password range, length, start with, end with, etc.

This method is currently the most effective way to recover the password. So you should try your best to mark the settings fields as many as possible. This will save a lot of time if you did it correctly.

Step 5. GPU and CPU Settings (Optional)

To accelerate the password recovery progress, you can add computing resources to the program by turning on GPU and CPU support. Kindly pause the program and click Settings on the top menu bar. Select the CPUs you wish to run the program. If you have an Nvidia GPU card, then you can enable GPU acceleration option in Settings panel.

If the computer runs slow for other program, you can simply disable GPU acceleration feature or use less CPUs. In addition, if the other task could be done in a short time, you can pause or stop the program temporarily. The project will be saved automatically.

Step 6. Start Recovering Password from iTunes Backup File

Click the "OK" button to begin the password recovery process. The entire recovery process may take a little bit longer time , which is largely dependent on how complex the password is. There is a progress bar indicating how many percentage it was already completed.

Make sure the auto-save field is set so that the project can be recovered if the program was closed unexpected. It will start the process again from the end of last operation. Also, it's better to run this program at night so it won't effect the normal usage of the computer.

Step 7. Copy and Paste Password to iTunes

Once the password is found, then a message will pop up showing what the password is. Then you can copy this password and use it to unlock iTunes backup file. Once the backup file was unlocked, then you can extract all kinds of data from the file to any iOS device.

No matter how big your back up file is, UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker recovers the password at high speed. I tested 4 similar programs two weeks ago and this one is the fastest among them to crack the same iTunes backup file. In addition, it will allocate more CPU and GPU power from the computer to speed up the entire recovery process, which is significant mechanism to restore the password. From the above tutorial, we can see using this password tool is very simple and anyone can use it freely. The whole process takes time, please be patient.

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