How to Remove Windows 7 Password without Logging in

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It happens often that many users forget login password of Windows 7. Whether it's a PC that does not use as much or Windows installation remained inactive, it is good to know the method to remove forgotten Windows password without losing any data. This is easily remedied when it comes to special Windows password removal software because the recovery procedure becomes more efficient and better.

In this guide, we will learn how to remove Windows password using UUkeys Windows Password Recovery, a bare-bones tool for Windows users. It allows you to perform various operations on critical Windows files, including changing the login password. It is apparently a very tricky process, however, a bit of calm and a minimum of explanation will allow you to complete the task without much trouble.


Disclaimer: we discourage any user to employ this program to access other's computer without permission. We recommend using Windows Password Recovery only in the case for your own computer.



Things that You Need to Prepare:

  • Another Windows PC that you can use temporarily.
  • A New CD/DVD or USB drive.
  • Downlaod file of UUkeys Windows Password Recovery.

Tutorial for Removing Windows 7 Password without Logging in

Step 1: Install and Open UUkeys Windows Password Recovery

As we know, you can't access the locked computer anymore, so you need another Windows PC in order to complete the password removal task. We will use UUkeys Windows Password Recovery to create a password removal disk and reset the password with the disk later.

Now click the download button to save the installation file on a normal computer. Then install the program by following the default instructions. Finally launch the program at the end of installation process.

Step 2: Create Password Removal Disk with USB Drive

A password removal disk is the tool we are going to use to remove the forgotten password. It is a bootable media and you can make such a disk with a USB or DVD disc. In here, we recommend USB as our choice because it is very easy to get a USB stick. And most of the computers are not shipped with DVD drive anymore.

Open UUkeys Windows Password Recovery and choose the right USB drive name from the main screen. Then just insert the USB drive and click "Burn USB" button to start the file writing process. When it was done, just eject the burned USB drive from the PC.

Step 3: Change Boot Order in BIOS Settings (Optional)

The first bootable device is always set to Hard drive (HDD) in all computers, no matter it is Dell, HP, Lenovo or other brands. So the computer will boot from hard drive in default. If you don't change the boot order, then the password removal disk is useless.

Insert password removal disk on locked computer. To change the boot order, first power on the locked computer and press F10 (or F12/ESC) key to enter into BIOS settings. From the boot tab, use arrow key to change the boot order and set the first boot device to USB. Save the settings and reboot the computer.

Step 4: Start Removing Windows 7 Password with Logging in

When the computer rebooted, Windows Password Recovery will be loaded. You can see the screenshot on the right. The user interface is very simple and most of us can understand what it means in each option.

First choose the user account that you want to remove the password. Now just click on "Reset Password" button. When it's completed successfully, the selected password will be removed. Now the password field is blank. Then just reboot your computer and eject the password removal disk. Now you can feel free to log into your computer without a password.

Although there are other alternatives to remove Windows password, UUkeys Windows Password Recovery is the most user-friendly program you can find out on the web. You can complete this task by your own with the onscreen instructions. This makes it's a huge benefit to beginning users who don't have much experience in computer staff. Besides, the whole password process won't affect the data stored on the computer. It means there is no data loss after removing the forgotten password. To be honest, there is no program that can remove Windows password at such a convenient way.

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