What to Do If I Forgot Windows XP Password, How to Reset?

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If you are like many other Windows XP users, concerned about forgotten password, you might not be aware of the fact that there are a number of Windows XP Password recovery tools that will help in this case. It is true that when you search the web to find a solution to break the password, you will come across many different methods that can be followed right on your system to recover the password. But, these things need some technical knowledge to follow and will also take time. In this tutorial, I will introduce two effective ways to reset XP password. On the other hand, when you choose to recover the password with the help of the best Windows XP password recovery tool, you will be in a position to get back to your system and can get back access to your crucial files stored in your system.


Part 1: Reset Forgotten Windows XP Password with Windows Installation Disk

Windows XP is a pretty old operating system for now and it doesn’t have advanced features for recovering password if you forgot it. The most common way we can think up is to reinstall Windows on that computer. This is the easiest way to go with but it comes with major drawbacks. The first one is that your data will be erased on C: drive. And for the second, you need to reinstall drivers and programs after re-installation. This would take hours to complete.


Steps on How to Use Windows Installation Disk:

  • Step 1: Find Windows XP Installation CD or DVD.
  • Step 2: Insert the CD or DVD to password locked computer.
  • Step 3: Change first boot device to CD/DVD in BIOS Settings.
  • Step 4: Reboot the computer and follow the onscreen instructions to install Windows.
  • Step 5: Download and install missing drivers.
  • Step 6: Install the programs to make the computer work again.



windows login screenshot


Part 2: Reset Forgotten Windows XP Password with Windows Reset Disk

Resetting XP password with reset disk is a more safe and comfortable way than the previous methods. It takes less time and without any data loss. When you search for such programs over the web, you will come across many of them. But, here comes the question about the feature to look for when selecting such an application. It is suggested that you should opt for a tool that will support different editions of Windows, even though you are looking for Windows XP Password recovery. In addition, the best application will help with safe resetting and removing of password without any data loss.


As mentioned earlier, a good recovery application should have all the features mentioned above and there is a quite powerful program for this, called as UUkeys Windows Password Recovery will come handy for you with user-friendly interface. This particular software comes in different editions for the users to opt for and also all editions are available in free download. When you use the program, you will be in a position to judge the quality of the application, such that you can arrive at an informed decision. In addition, this software has many positive user reviews.



Things that You Need to Prepare:

  • A Normal computer that you can access with administration privileges.
  • A writable CD/DVD or a USB flash drive at least 250 MB free storage.
  • UUkeys Windows Passsword Recovery program..

Tutorial for Bypassing Windows XP Password with UUkeys

Step 1: Install UUkeys Windows Password Recovery on a Working Computer

We need to create Windows reset disk to change the password on that locked XP computer. However the computer is locked currently and you can’t do any thing on it, so you need another computer you can use temporarily for making reset disk.

Click the green button above to download the installation file of UUkeys on the computer. Double click .exe file to install the program on the computer. Then open the program from startup menu or desktop shortcut. The program has a very intuitive user interface that you can see from the right picture.

Step 2: Make a Windows Password Reset Disk with UUkeys Password Recovery

Creating a Windows password reset disk is quite easy now due to the development of technology. You have two options to make reset disk from UUkeys Windows Password Recovery tool: one is with CD/DVD and the other is with USB drive. For simplicity, I will take USB as an example in this tutorial.

Insert a USB drive on this normal computer and remember the drive name. Open UUkeys Windows Password Recovery and select the drive name from the list and click "Burn USB ". The program starts to burn necessary files to USB drive and a few minutes later, a new Windows reset disk is created.

Step 3: Change First Boot Device to USB Drive on Locked XP Computer

There are many boot media available for Windows. In this case, we need the locked computer booting from USB drive (Windows reset disk). As we know, the default boot device is usually set to hard drive or DVD. You need to verify it first by entering into BIOS settings. Then insert USB reset disk into the locked computer. Finally, set USB HDD as the first boot device on that computer.

If the default boot media is DVD and you just made a reset disk with DVD, then skip this step and reboot the computer. Insert the DVD into DVD drive. At this time, the computer will load the program at startup.

Step 4: Bypassing Forgotten Password and Set it to Blank

The above three steps are for preparations and we will set the forgotten password to blank in this step. Reboot the locked XP computer and UUkeys Windows reset program will be loaded during startup. The screenshot is displayed on the right. And now you will reset the password within 3 clicks.

The program will list all the user and administrator accounts on locked computer. You need to select an account name first. Then click "Rest Password". A few seconds later, the password was set to blank, which means you don’t need to enter password during sign in. Click "Reboot" to take out of the USB drive and restart the computer. Now you can access the computer as normal.

Besides the other two methods, you can also reset the sign-in password with Microsoft password reset service. The prerequisite is that you used Microsoft account to log into the computer. No matter which method you are going to choose, you need to protect the data from loss in first place. For me, UUkeys Windows Password Reset tool is the best options among the three and you don’t worry this any more even with Windows 10 as the program supports all the Windows operating system.

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