I Forgot My Acer Laptop Password, How to Reset it?

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You have using your Acer laptop for a long time but recently you suddenly forgot the login password of that computer. Well, this is a very common issue among users and I also made such a mistake for multiple times. You are simply unable to work with the laptop without the correct password. Your important data on that computer is also at risk and that’s why it is so important to recover the Windows password for your Acer laptop. Yes, you can recover password without using any third party software but that would be a highly time consuming and brainstorming process. Using a smart third party Windows password recovery tool could be the smart decision here.


UUkeys Windows Password Recovery is the best all-in-one password recovery toolset that you can use for resetting the password for Acer laptops and PCs. This software can recover Windows admin/user password and Domain password for various Windows distro listed in below. The main user interface is very clean and there is detailed explanation on each step to guide you through the whole process. Additionally, this software also allows you to create administration password without login and you can login with the new created password./p>


The Windows operating system that it supports: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1/8.2/8.3, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

It also supports all the Acer desktops and laptops, including Aspire R7/R11/R13/R14/R15, Aspire N Nitro, Aspire S7/S13, Aspire Switch 10/10E/11/11V, Aspire Alpha 12, Aspire V/V13/V15, Aspire F/E/E1/E11/ES.



Things You Need to Recover the Password:

  • A writable CD/DVD or USB drive .
  • Installation file of UUkeys Windows Password Recovery.
  • A Windows computer you can use with admin access.

Tutorial for Recovering Forgotten Password from Acer Laptop


Step 1 : Install UUkeys Windows Password Recovery on a Normal Computer

The download file is hosted on this site and you can get it by clicking the above download button. Then double click the file to install it on that normal computer you can access. Launch the software once you have installed it previously.

Note: If you are using Vista/7/8 or Windows Server 2008/2011/2012, then you should run the program as administrator. The pathway is right clicking the desktop shortcut and select run as administrator.

Step 2: Run UUkeys Software to Create a Password Reset Disk

Password reset disk is the tool we are going to use to reset the forgotten password. However, we need to make one first. In tradition, we prefer to create a password reset disk with DVD or CD. But for now, USB is a much better option as we seldom use DVD or CD any more.

Open the program from computer and insert a USB drive into the computer. Now you need to choose the right drive name from the list. When all these are done, click on "Burn USB" button. Then the program starts to write files to USB drive in order to make a workable reset disk. Once the burning process is done, click "Ok" and take out USB drive.

Step 3 : Boot Password Locked Acer Laptop USB Drive

Insert the password disk to your locked computer and boot the laptop from USB device. However, you need to set the first boot device first or the computer won’t load the program in reset disk. Follow the steps to change boot order in BIOS Settings:

Reboot the computer and Press F2 Key to access BIOS setup utility. Then go to Boot tab and use down arrow key to locate USB HDD. Then use F5/F6 key to move USB HDD to the first place. Press Enter key when it was done. Finally, use the F10 key to save the settings and reboot the computer.

Step 4: Reset Acer Laptop Password with 1 Click

Once the booting process is done, the Windows Password Rescuer Personal will show you a graphics user interface. In there, you need to select a Windows system that you would like to recover. Then select the target account from user list, which you want to recover password.

Now, Click "Reset Password" button. After this, the password will be removed and it will be shown blank. Eject USB drive from the computer and reboot the computer. Finally, change the first boot device to hard drive. Reboot again. Now you can get into the computer without typing password.

UUkeys Windows Password Recovery software supports the latest Windows 10 operating system and it can easily reset its administration and other users password. UUkeys Windows Password Recovery is a tool with 100% safe to use because it doesn’t cause of losing any kind of data. It is highly flexible and supports a wide range of hard drives that includes SATA, SCSI, IDE and RAID. When you forgot the password, this is the only you should take into consideration.

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