I Forgot My ASUS Laptop Login Password, How to Reset it?

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A lot of Asus laptop users accidentally forget or lost their sign-in password and this could be a big problem at times. You are completely locked out. Most importantly, you no longer have the access to the important files on that computer. The good news is that unlocking Windows password is not a daunting job with the help of password recovery programs. You can go for recovering the password manually but that would take a lot of time on guessing out the right password. It is always better to go for a simple password resetting procedure, which you can do by using efficient third party software.


UUkeys Windows Password Recovery is a great solution for resetting forgotten Windows administrator or user password. The software not only helps you to recover the password but at the same time it also allows you to create a new administrator account. So you can access the computer with the newly added password without modifying the existing ones. This software is 100% safe to use and it will never cause losing any data during the password recovering procedure. It support wide range of disk drives that include SATA, SCSI, IDE hard disk and RAID. /p>


The program works on: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1/8.2/8.3, Windows 7/ Vista/ XP and Windows Server.



Things You Need to Recover the Password:

  • A USB flash drive or blank CD/DVD.
  • UUkeys Windows Password Recovery.
  • Another windows computer or laptop that you can use.

Tutorial for Resetting Forgotten Password from ASUS Laptop


Step 1: Download and Open UUkeys Windows Password Recovery on Normal Computer

You can easily download the software from the official site of UUkeys. You can see the download button and you should click there to download the .exe file. Once the .exe file is downloaded, you need to double click that file in order to start the step-by-step installation process. Finally launch the software once the installation procedure is done.

Note: If there were problems in Step 2, then you need to run the program as administrator. This happens in higher version Windows distro due to the enhanced security policy.

Step 2: Create a Password Reset Disk with UUkeys Windows Password Recovery

Password Reset Disk is a macro program designed for Windows system. The main purpose of this program is to reset the password on any Windows computer. It allows you to get access to the Windows account on a locked computer. This program will be loaded to the memory of your computer when you are booting the computer at the beginning.

Generally, you can make a reset disk with USB or DVD. For now using a USB flash drive would be the most convenient thing in this case. Insert a USB drive to your computer and remember the name of your drive. Now you need to get back to the software and you can easily get the drive name from the list. Now all you have to do is click the button "Burn USB " to write the important files to the disk. You will get a message "Burning successfully" once the burning process is done.

Step 3: Change Boot Order on Password Locked Asus Laptop

Asus computers always take hard drive as the first booting device by default and that is the reason why you need to reset USB drive as the first booting device. Or the password recovery program burned in reset disk won’t be loaded during startup so you can’t use the program to reset the login password.

Now, inset the USB drive to locked Asus computer. Press and hold F2 key. Then press the power button. Release the F2 key unless the BIOS setting being displayed. Navigate to Boot tab and set Boot Option #1 to USB drive. Save the settings and reboot the computer.

Step 4: Reset Forgotten Login Password to Blank on Asus Laptop

You will get a graphics user interface during the booting process and you can see it on the right side. However, there is only a command prompt for other password reset programs. This is less user friendly for beginners.Now you can recover the password with a few clicks.

First select a Windows OS from Step 1. Now you need to select the target user from Step 2. Click the "Reset Password" to change the forgotten password to blank. Finally click "Reboot" and take password recovery disk out. When the computer boots up, there will be no password required for login. And you can use the computer as normal.

UUkeys Windows Password Recovery is one of the most powerful password reset tools when it comes to recovering the password for windows account. I have used this program to reset the lost password several times and it never let me down on this. This software also works with all the popular brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba etc. With this program, you shouldn’t worry password issue any more.

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