How to Use Windows Password Key to Recover Forgotten Password

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Believe it or not, it happened! You forgot your Windows password and now you can no longer access your computer. You could resolve the situation by reinstalling Windows but you will lose all the precious files on that computer. And there is impossible to recover deleted files from formatted hard drive. Plus, you also need to download and install the drivers as well as the programs you reply on for daily usage.


The best way to solve this program is to use Windows Password Key, a small program to reset Windows login password. It allows you to get into the locked computer without entering any password after password reset. The latest version of Windows Password Key supports all the Windows operating system including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and even for old Windows XP. What's more, with the helpful program, you can recover the forgotten password on almost all desktops or laptops such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, ThinkPad and many more.


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  • An accessible Windows PC
  • Windows Password Key download file.
  • A blank CD/DVD or USB drive with at least 250M free storage.

Tutorial: How to Use Windows Password Key to Reset Windows password


Step 1: Download and Install Windows Password Key on a Normal Computer

Windows Password Key is premium software but you can download the free demo version from this site. After download, then simply install the program on a computer you can access. There is a shortcut icon generated on desktop at the end of installation.

After installation, right click the desktop shortcut and run the program as administrator. On the right, it is a screenshot of this program, which looks like very simple to understand how to use this program.

Step 2: Create Windows Reset Disk with Windows Password Key

Windows reset disk is a media device Windows Password Key will burn files to. Later, we will use the disk to reset user password. You can create such a disk with CD/DVD or USB drive. So you need to check what kind of storage media you have currently. If you are going to use CD/DVD, then you need to make sure there is DVD drive on that locked computer or it would be useless.

In this example, I will take USB as an example as it is much easier to find a USB drive. Now, insert the USB flash drive to the computer and choose the drive name from drop down list and click on "Burn USB " to start the burning process, it may take some times and press "OK" after completion. In the end, eject USB flash drive from the computer.

Step 3: Insert USB Drive into Locked Computer and Change Boot Order

Usually, USB drive is not the default media to load Windows operating system. In order to run the password recovery program burned into USB drive, you need to let the locked computer boot from USB drive. We can accomplish this by changing the boot order in BIOS Settings.

Now, connect the USB drive to the locked computer and power on the computer. During startup, press F12 or Del to enter the Boot Menu and select the USB HDD as the first boot option. Use the up and down key to move the positions. Please note that, each computer brands use different key to enter into BIOS setting. If the key is not F12 or Del, then you need to search it online.

Step 4: Reset Login Password by Using Windows Password Key

When the password protected computer boots from USB drive, it will load the programs burned by Windows Password Key. Now you will see a graphics user interface displayed on the screen. The program will scan the whole computer and list all the user accounts. And it is only 3 clicks away to finally recover the lost password.

First, have a look at the accounts shown on the screen. In the Password column, you can see which account is password protected. Select the admin account you want to reset the password. Then click "Reset Password", then the password will be set to blank in a few seconds, which means you don't need to type password during next login. Eject the disk and reboot the computer now.

Windows Password Key is one of the fastest ways to reset Windows password. I have used this program to recover the lost password of Windows computer. They never though it would be such easy. However, using the information in this simple guide only granted for access to computers you own. It is a serious violation of privacy to reset password for other person’s computer. And may constitute an offense punishable by law.

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