How to Access iTunes Backup without Password

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For each iPhone, iPad or iPod user, iTunes is a program that they have to learn how to use because it is the only legitimate program to manage iOS device on computer. One of the most used functions for iTunes is data backup, which is very important in nowadays. No one could afford the loss of crucial data such as contacts, precious photos or other types of data matters to you. However, there is a common problem after backup: forgot iTunes backup password. So you may ask is it still access the iTunes backup without password?

The answer is Yes. You can regain access the locked iTunes backup file with the help of third-party apps. So the backup won't be garbage. Instead, you can restore deleted or lost file from it after finding the right password. UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker is the program we are going to use in this tutorial. It is a powerful password recovery program designed for iOS users to help them recover forgotten iTunes backup password. With its intelligent password recovery engines, it can locate the correct password in quite a short time. Besides, you can choose 4 different types of recovery modes according to your own needs.

Tutorial: How to Access iTunes Backup without Password

Step 1: Install and Run UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker

UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker is a computer-based password recovery program so you need download the program first. You can do it by simply clicking the download button below. After download , install it the program on the computer with the installation wizard. Finally, launch the program either from desktop shortcut or start menu.


Step 2: Import Encrypted iTunes Backup File

When UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker being opended, a new window will pop up and list all the backup files from the default location. In default, the backup files are in a hidden folder. To see it, you need to enable viewing hidden file permission on your computer.

You can see the device name, backup time and password info from the window. This will help you make the right decision to choose the right backup file. Click 'Next' after selection.

Step 3: Select a Password Attack Type

In this step, you will see 2 types of password attack offered by UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker. Each one is corresponded to one specific situation.

Generally, if you still know exactly part of the password(e.g start of the password), then Brute-force with Mask Task is the best option. Just file the character in Start from or End at. Or you can define it by yourself, for example abc****(* represents the character you can't remember).

However, if you just can't remember anything about the password, such as length or what kind of character being used, then Brute-force Attack is the best one in such case. It will start based on the settings you filled.

Step 4: Password Recovery Settings

If you chose Brute-force Attack, then it is highly recommended to fill out the settings as many as you could think of, such as the minimal and max password length, the characters the password contains, the start or end of the password.

More settings you input, the less time it takes to recover the password. If you have no clue about the password, then just narrow down the password to 4-8 length. This is a common for password combinations.

Step 5: Start Recovering iTunes Backup Password

Click 'OK' button to begin the password recovery process. The time is mainly depended on how complex the password is and how many settings you can remember. The more you can think of, the less time being spent. Also, computer with powerful specs will dramatically reduce the time.

Step 6: Copy Recovered Password and Access Data from iTunes Backup

The correct password will be shown on the screen once it was scanned by the program. iTunes will send a signal to the program telling which is the correct one for the backup file. Then copy the password and launch iTunes. Paste the password from the prompt. For now, the backup file should be accessed as normal.

Currently, UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker is the fastest program for iTunes backup password recovery because of its highly optimized engines. However, recovering iTunes backup password is a computing extensive task so it is recommended to run it at the spare time so it won't effect the current task. What is more, the program has a memory function, which will resume from the previous state if you stopped the program for emergency cases.

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