How to Find Windows 7 Product Key or Serial Number

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If you have previously installed Windows, you might be aware of Windows product key. It is nothing, but 25-character code that is used mainly for the purpose of activating the operating system. This applies to Windows 7 as well. In some cases such as system crash, you need to reinstall Windows 7 to get the computer back to normal. To fully use the potential of the computer, you have to input a legal product key. Its location relies on how you got the copy of the operating system and you will have this key only when you have got the operating system from an authorized retailer. If you have lost it now, you can use UUkeys Product Key Finder to retrieve the product key.

The key was written in registry and it is impossible to find it manually because the keys are encrypted by default. In the tutorial below, I will show you two different ways to get back your lost Windows 7 product key. You can choose the right one accordingly.

Part 1: How to Find Windows 7 Product Key from Product Box or Email

Windows 7 is a commercial operating system developed by Microsoft. You need to buy a physical copy from authorized reseller or a digital copy from Microsoft online store in order to use it freely. When you reinstalled Windows 7, you can find the registration code from the physical CD, which prints out the code at the surface. If you bought the product from online store, then you should go back to the mailbox and search that email because the serial number was contained in the email after purchase.


Here are some tips to find the missing items.

  • Try to remember the last time you had the item.
  • Think of everywhere you went since you lost the item.
  • Ask your family members.
  • Search in your mailbox.

If you already tried your best to find the key, but still can't locate it. Then please follow the steps in Part 2 to sort it out.


find product key cd


Part 2: How to Find Windows 7 Product Key with UUkeys Product Key Finder

If you can't find the key via above method, then you should take advantage of third party programs, which will automatically find the key and decrypt it to readable characters. UUkeys Product Key Finder is an efficient program that will help you locate product keys on any Windows computer. The commercial software supported by UUkeys includes Windows, Office, Adobe, VMWare, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio and many more. Just with a single click, this application will help you in instant recovery. It can work even on a computer with a hard disk crash and the important thing to remember here is that you need not have to reinstall Windows to find the product key.



Things that You Need to Prepare:

  • Windows computer .
  • Installation file of UUkeys Product Key Finder .

Tutorial for Recovering Lost Windows 7 Product Key

Step 1. Install and Run UUkeys Product Key Finder

The first thing you will have to do is to download and install Product Key Finder to your computer. Simply click the download button from the above and double click the .exe file to install it .

When the installation is finished, then click the 'Start recovery' button to start the scanning process.

Step 2. Locate the Scanned Key for Windows 7

As soon as you click this button, the application will automatically find the product key not just for Windows 7, but also for other software installed on your computer.

As you can see from the right screenshot, each key is corresponding to a product name and product ID. Also, the encrypted key will be decoded by the program in default.

Step 3. Save the Key to Computer

Finally, you will have to click on the 'Save to File' button to get a copy of the list for all product keys. The file will be exported as .txt. You should give it a name and select a location to store the file. Once the file was opened, you will see the products keys being displayed in order.

This is such an easy-to-use and useful application that helps you with recover the product keys with a single operation. The product key is actually a certification that states the software is original. It is helpful not just to identify the application, but also for activating it. It is generally not recommended to use a pirated version of any software and this holds true in the case of Windows operating system.


To protect your system from the bad effect of pirated version like a virus and keystroke monitor, product keys actually acts as an authentication. So, use a reliable application like UUkeys Product Key Finder to get back your lost product key and enjoy the happiness bought by authorized software.

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