I Forgot My Toshiba Laptop Password: How to Reset it

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There are lots of people who asked how to recover Windows admin password for Toshiba laptop. Forgetting Windows login password is a very common thing among Toshiba computer owners. But recovering or removing the password is not a simple job. For certain password recovery tools, you need advanced knowledge before using it in proper manner.

If you had lost the admin password for Toshiba laptop, then you really need to know how to reset it correctly because you can not do anything on that computer without putting the right password. Of course, you can simply recover the password by reinstalling the OS but this is a very time consuming job. At the same time, it could be a challenging job for you if you were going to do it for the first time as it involves a lot of settings during the process. So that's the reason to take a help of third party Windows password recovery tool.


Fortunately, there are a couple of amazing tools for this issue. However, If you are looking for reliable and user friendly Windows password recovery software, then you should use UUkeys Windows Password Recovery instead. This software helps you reset both administration and normal user password with a few clicks. There are direct graphics instructions in the whole process and you don't need to type commands or do any complex operation, which is a must if you decided to chose other tools.



Things You Need to Reset Password:

  • A USB drive formatted with FAT32.
  • A normal computer with admin access.
  • UUkeys Windows Password Recovery tool, directly download below.

Tutorial for Recovering Forgotten Password for Toshiba Laptop


Step 1 : Install UUkeys Windows Password Recovery on a Normal Computer

The download link is shown on in below. Just click on it to download the .exe file on a normal computer. Double click the file to start the installation procedure. Make sure follow the setup wizard to install the software on the computer. Make sure launch the software after installation. The main user interface is displayed on the right of this section.

Step 2 : Make Password Reset Disk with USB Flash Drive

Well, password reset disk is actually macro program that allows you to get a complete access to the password protected account of your windows. Now you should know how to create a password reset disk with the help of this software. USB flash drive is the best option in this case. Insert a USB flash drive into the computer and just don't forget the name of your USB drive.

Now go back to the software user interface and there you can find a drop-down list. You need to select the name of your USB flash drive from that list. Now click the button "Burn USB " so that it can write all the crucial files to the disk. Once the procedure is done, you will get a message"Burning is successful". Then take out of the disk and insert it on the locked computer.

Step 3: Set USB Drive as the First Boot Device on Locked Computer

Computer always considers hard drive as the first booting device but you have to reset the order so that computer can recognize USB drive you just made to reset forgotten password. All you have to do is insert the USB drive to the password protected Toshiba laptop and turn on the computer.

A boot menu will be displayed for a few seconds once the Toshiba splash screen pops up. Now press F2 or F12 to get the full boot menu and set the first booting device to USB drive. Save all the settings and reboot the computer.

Step 4: Reset Password of Selected Account on Toshiba Computer

After booting from USB flash drive, UUkeys Windows Password Recovery will be loaded. At this time, the main UI is much different from the previous on computer. Now, we arrive at the fine steps to reset the password.

First, you need to select the Windows system that you would like to recover the password. Usually, the default one is the right one if only one Windows OS was installed on the computer. And then select the target user from user list. This can be an admin or normal user. After selection, click "Reset Password" button. A few seconds later, the old password will be removed and it will be shown blank. Eject the USB driver and Restart the computer. In this time, you can easily login without typing any password.

UUkeys Windows Password Recovery is a very secure tool to reset Windows password on any given computer, no matter it is Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7. Though there are other alternatives doing the same job, UUkeys is still the best choice as no one would afford wasting time on other programs , which turn out to be not a proper one for beginners. You have to make a lot of preparations and type complex commands. Instead, UUkeys software comes with the 100% recovery rate and the entire procedure of using this software is very simple.

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