I Forgot My Samsung Laptop Admin Password, How to Reset it?

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If you owned a Samsung laptop with Windows operating system, it is highly possible that you already added a password to the computer for protection. Most laptop users do this to ensure that no one can access the data in the laptop without permission. But in some instances, laptop users forgot the password required to enter into the system if the password was mixed with character and digit. This makes you in a big trouble if you can't recover the password. All the important files were lost. Fortunately, there is a right way out for this. You can just reset the password with the help of an effective password recovery tool called UUkeys Windows Password.


UUkeys Windows Password Recoveryis the tool we need to recover forgotten Windows login password. It will first create a password reset disk. Then use the disk to reset password for any accounts resided on the laptop. No matter how complex the password it is, the program is able to unlock it within 5 minutes. You can use this tool to reset password for all Windows computers, including the latest Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1/8.2, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. In addition, it not only works for Samsung laptops, but also for other brands' laptop like Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, Sony, or Toshiba. The excellent thing about this program is that you can completely recover or reset the password without any data loss. Also, this application brings in a simple three-step process for resetting the password.


Supported Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1/8.2/8.3, Windows 7/ Vista/ XP and Windows Server.



Things You Need to Prepar before Recovering Login Password:

  • A new USB flash drive or blank CD/DVD.
  • Installation file of UUkeys Windows Password Recovery.
  • A Normal Windows computer or laptop that you can use.

Tutorial for Resetting Forgotten Password for Samsung Laptop


Step 1: Install UUkeys Windows Password Recovery on a Normal Computer

You can't do anything with a locked computer so you need another normal Windows computer to make a password reset disk. Please click the green button to download the installation on the computer and install it later. Finally, launch the program after installation is done.


Step 2: Burn Windows Password Reset Disk with USB Drive

Password reset disk is the tool to reset the password of Windows user account. We need to make one first. Normally, we can create such a disk with DVD or USB drive. But in this example, we prefer to use USB flash drive because it is much easier to get one.

Now insert a new USB drive to the computer and remember the drive name of this device. Open UUkeys Windows Password Recovery and select the drive name of the USB drive from the list. Click "Burn USB " to let the program burning files to USB. Eject the disk when burning is finished.

Step 3: Change Boot Order on Password Locked Samsung Laptop

Insert the USB password reset disk we just created into the locked computer. Power on the laptop and see whether it will boot from the USB drive. If yes, then a user interface pops up. If the computer still stopped at the login in screen, it means the computer doesn't boot from USB as we expected.

So reboot the laptop and press F10 immediate when computer stats up to enter into BIOS settings. From the "Boot option" tab, set first boot media to USB HDD. Save the settings and reboot the laptop again. If USB not listed as boot option, then you should first disable "Secure Boot" and set BIOS Boot mode to "UEFI and Legacy" before changing the boot order.

Step 4: Reset Password of Target Account with Password Reset Disk

When the computer reboots, UUkeys Windows Password program will be loaded from USB drive in a few seconds. On the right it is a screenshot of the program. Now you are only a few clicks away to successfully reset the password.

Select a target user account you wish to change the password. Usually, it should be the administrator account. Click "Rest Password" button, then the password will be set to empty in a few seconds. Eject the USB drive and reboot the computer. In this time, there is no password required to enter into the computer.

Similar to that of data recovery, password recovery is something that is important. And this is where the importance of right tool for recovery should be understood. If you are looking for a safe tool either to recover or even to reset the password for Samsung or other Windows computers, you can stay confident about UUkeys Windows Password Recovery. This all-in-one Windows Password tool can do a lot of helps for password recovery. It is a flexible application that can support RAID, IDE, SCSI and SATA hard disks. The different editions of this application like Personal, Professional, Advanced, and Raid will help you with different levels of password recovery like administrator password, server password, etc. So, stay confident about the recovery of your password!

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