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Best Password Manager App for Android in 2017

It is almost impossible to remember all the password combinations for different websites or services. So it is urgent to find a good password manager to record all of them in one convenience place. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 06.04.2016

How to Create Strong Password on Android Phone

With the development of new technology, it is much easy to hack an account with a simple password. So it is a best practice to use strong password for your accounts.. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 06.07.2016

Best Free Alternative to ImgBurn

What are the good alternatives if ImgBurn doesn't work any more? Actually, there are many free software available to replace ImgBurn. You can check the list from here. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 13.07.2016

Best Password Generator Apps for iPhone

What is the fastest way to create secure password on iPhone so you can use it to prevent your data being seen by others? After a deep reseach, I found out there were at least 3 great ways to generate strong password on iOS device.. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 24.07.2016