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iTunes has a tendency to backup your entire iPhone whenever you sync your device with it. The default password will be set automatically if you have one or else you can even manually encrypt the backup files with a chosen password. It is even recommended by the Apple care center that you must password protect your backup files or else anyone can restore the files from them and expose all the private and personal data loaded inside the backup file.

This will totally compromise the privacy and security of your files and documents and that's exactly why you should encrypt the backup file with a secure password. But over the time, if you realize that someone knows your password or could guess your password easily then it is a great idea to keep changing your iPhone backup password on a monthly basis so that even if someone knows your current password, they won't be able to guess your next password.

In this guide, we will demonstrate couple ways to change iPhone backup password from both Windows and Mac computer so that you can follow it with both operating systems.

Method 1: Change iPhone Backup Password from iTunes

iTunes has an in-built feature that allows you to change the password of iPhone backup file. It is quite easy to perform this task and can be achieved by following the below steps:


Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer and connect your iPhone to PC with a USB data cable.

Step 2: The iPhone should be automatically recognized by iTunes and your iPhone name should appear on the top corner of iTunes.

Step 3 : Now, open the Backup Tab and check "This Computer" option. Then click on "Change Password" and enter your current password first followed by the new password.

change iphone backup password

Step 4: Sync your iPhone to PC again and all of your existing backups will now have your newly changed password.

Additionally, you can click on "Encrypt backup" and then every time you sync your iPhone with iTunes, it will ask you to enter a new password.

Method 2: Delete existing iTunes Backup and Re-create new Backup.

Another way to change iPhone backup password would be to remove the existing backup file from your iTunes and then create a new backup of your iPhone with a new password. This part is helpful if your current backup file has no important data so that you can replace it with a new backup file. Although, when you will be creating the new iPhone backup, it will have the data from your old Backup as well if those files and information are still loaded on your iPhone.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC with a thunderbolt or USB data cable and open iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: When iPhone is identified by iTunes, go to Edit then Preferences followed by Devices.

Step 3 : Choose the backup file that you wish to remove and click on "Delete".

Step 4: Now sync your iPhone with iTunes again with a new password.


delete iphone backup

This is a perfect way to change the password of your iPhone backup file as well as create a fresh new updated backup of your iPhone.


Conclusion: Changing the password of your iPhone backup regularly is highly recommended so that no one can guess your password over time. Hacking attempts has been increased by 600% since 2015 and taking proper precaution should #1 priority for everyone. iPhone backups are exactly what hackers look for when they are trying to steal your personal data such as pictures, documents, contacts, messages and notes. With any iPhone backup extractor, hackers can easily retrieve the data from your device. So, it is better to use the tips shared in this article and keep changing the backup password of your device.

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