Windows Tips

Reset Windows Password with Ubuntu for Free

If you can't login your computer after all attempts, then it is time to reset or remove the password because this can be done in a few minutes with the help of Ubuntu Live CD. Besides, it is totally free. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 30.07.2016

How to Reset Microsoft Account Password

If you use Microsoft services extensively, then forgetting Microsoft login password would be a disaster. However, you still get a chance to reset the password. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 05.08.2016

Reset Windows 8 UEFI Password on UEFI/GPT Computer

It would be a terrible thing if you forgot the password on any UEFI computer because the normal password reset solution won't work in here. You have to figure out other options by yourself. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 08.08.2016

How to Reset Windows 8 Tablet to Factory Settings

There is a lot of different between the desktop Windows 8 and tablet Windows 8. So even for a simple factory reset, it is hard to do it on a tablet. So we made a tutorial on it for users. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 09.08.2016

How to Fix Black Screen of Death for Windows

My computer goes to a back screen and doesn’t response at all. This is a typical error on Windows PC. There are several reasons to cause this problem. Please follow the suggestions in the tutorial to get it fixed. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 17.08.2016

How to Recover Password from ZIP Archive

What do you feel when you need to open a zip file but you didn't know the password? This is not a rare case. Instead, it happens everyday. How to restore the zip password? Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 01.09.2016

How to Crack Forgotten WinRAR Password

For important or private WinRAR file, there always comes with password in order to protect the file. The question is how to recover the password if you just forgot it. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 06.09.2016