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How to Recover Login Password of ThinkPad Laptop

When you forgot the login password of Lenovo laptop, the first choice comes into your mind is reinstallation. However, it hurts if there were valuable data on system disk. Actually, there is much simple way to recover the password. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 31.10.2017

Windows Not Shutting Down Properly, How to Fix?

All of a suddent, my Windows computer can't be shut down and it was stuck on the same screen for hours. This is really weird. However, I managed to get it fixed after doing some homework. You can learn the tips from my post. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 03.11.2017

How to Enter Computer BIOS & Boot Menu

When fatal error happens, BIOS is the best place to fix the issue, especially for hardware related issue. The manner of Entering BIOS is quite different from brand to brand. So in this post, we gather all the possible ways to tell you how to access BIOS or boot menu. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 09.11.2017

How to Fix Pin Code Issue after Windows 10 Update

A few users reported that Windows 10 no longer accepts their previous login Pin code afert Anniversary update. How to fix the issue without reinstalling the computer? Here are two tips that is proven to get the bug fixed in a comfortable way. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 30.11.2017

How to Add User to Windows Server 2016/2012/2008

It is too risky to use the default admin account to manage Windows server. It would be messed up if you did something wrong. So in practice, system admin usually create a new user account and perform system administration under this account. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 07.12.2017

How to Reset Admin Password on Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 has upgraded the password protection algorithms with the latest build. So the old tricks are not working for now. To reset or recover forgotten login password on Server 2016, UUkeys Windows Password Recovery Advanced is the correct tool to help you out. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 18.12.2017

Common Issue and Fix for Discord Windows App

The trouble that pops up while we use discord on our Windows is quite natural. The problems and the solutions vary. So we find out a couple of solutions to fix those common issues you might come across when using Discord Windows app. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 16.01.2018

Best Password Manager for Windows 10

Nowadays, we have tons of accounts for different services and usage. It is hard to remember al of them and it is not secure to use only one password for all accounts. What is the best solution to fix this issue? The anwser is password manager. Read More >>

Posted by Cathryn Akerman | 10.10.2018